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VP Pence to NY Times readers: “you don’t matter”

Remarks by Vice President Pence at the Detroit Economic Club Luncheon

And I want to promise all of you that it’s those men and women that are never far from our minds. I mean, I’m talking about the people who make things and grow things; who spend their days building more than a Facebook page; who read the local paper, not the New York Times; who wear uniforms at home and abroad. (Applause.) I’m talking about people that put faith, and family, and freedom first. They love this country and they know what a blessing it is to be a citizen of the United States of America.

Теперь расскажите мне еще раз, что Пенс лучшее Трампа

(Интересно, что сам Трамп несомненно читал в прошлом NYTimes, которая для него и была собственно “local paper”. Но здесь, конечно, важны не слова — кого в наше время интересуют слова? — а посыл).

P.S. У NY Times примерно 4 миллиона платных подписчиков.

See copy at dreamwidth for more comments; currently it has comment count unavailable.
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