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Башар Аль-Асад: «Трамп лучший Президент США, потому что говорит что думает»


“[Trump] is the best American President, not because his policies are good, but because he is the most transparent president. All American presidents perpetrate all kinds of political atrocities and all crimes and yet still win the Nobel Prize and project themselves as defenders of human rights and noble and unique American values, or Western values in general. The reality is that they are a group of criminals who represent the interests of American lobbies, i.e. the large oil and arms companies, and others. Trump talks transparently, saying that what we want is oil. This is the reality of American policy, at least since WWII. We want to get rid of such and such a person or we want to offer a service in return for money. This is the reality of American policy. What more do we need than a transparent opponent? That is why the difference is in form only, while the reality is the same.”

Источник: интервью Асада сирийскому телевидению, 31 октября 2019 года.

(Интервью длинное и порой небезынтересное, хотя английский текст SANA явно получен путём полу-машинного перевода с арабского, поэтому читается тяжеловато).

Любопытно сравнить со словами одного из палестинцев о Трампе, которые я приводил здесь.

See copy at dreamwidth for more comments; currently it has comment count unavailable.
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