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Хочу привести здесь, полностью, довольно длинный пост из FB одного своего знакомого. Я его знаю не очень близко, но во всяком случае не только по ФБ, и мне он всегда казался довольно типичным американцем, во всех отношениях.

Recent news has reminded me of something American conservatives have frequently parroted without understanding of its origins or importance… “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.”

Think about that. Think really, really hard. Need some context? Here’s a Wikipedia article on just this phrase.

Look, I get how people can believe the government shouldn’t be able to infringe on various rights. Especially those rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights. For the most part, I’m right there with you, even when I personally disagree. (I’ll add that the wiggle-room in interpreting the 2nd amendment is rather problematic, but that won’t ever be solved unless an amendment resolves it once and for all, since the Supreme Court certainly has not done enough to clarify it in the last 200+ years)

But let’s get back to the central thought here. Minimalist Constitutionalism vs your own survival.

If you believe the US Constitution dictates that each person must be responsible for themselves… how do you survive during a one-in-a-century catastrophe? Are you rich enough to buy your way out of death? Good for you! What about those who are not?

If you are rich enough to survive… who do you truly rely on to sustain that wealth?

Are they OK? How many of them died? Should you care, if they can be easily replaced?

If you’re in a particularly fortunate demographic, you might not even have to think about that — other fortunate people will look after you! How lucky!

I’m not even sure where I was going with this when I started, but I’m damn certain about what I’m trying to get across…

The system seems to disproportionately favor those who are privileged - by wealth, or heredity, or social connections, or other factors. Those with the least need seem to be getting the most benefit. Those with the most… are being condemned to suffer and die.

If that is consistent with your worldview, you and I have some serious differences in what is just and moral.

Now that I’ve typed all that, I think it’s time I sent some funds to organizations trying to keep the less fortunate alive in places like Texas. I’ll google, but if you have any you already trust as legit, let me know. I’m one of the fortunate this past year or so… I’m glad to use my good fortune to help others when I have it.

Мне кажется, интересный взгляд на вещи, вроде и банальный, и несколько (для меня) неожиданный. А вы как думаете?

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