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Из материалов обвинения на будущем процессе, которого увы не будет


Как я уже говорил несколько раз, в этом ЖЖ будет меньше политики (американской, по крайней мере) и тем более меньше Трампа и трампистов.

Однако остаются кое-какие долги, с которыми надо разобраться.

Вот у Якова недавно спонтанно возникла дискуссия о мере ответственности Трампа и его подпевал за действия трампистов, в частности при штурме Капитолия. Должны ли взрослые дееспособные люди, ворвавшиеся в здание парламента и угрожавшие членам Конгресса, понести за это адекватное наказание, или их оправдывает то, что им совершенно запудрили голову и они искренне были убеждены, что страна практически уже оккупирована китайской компартией?

Я по этому поводу вспомнил старую уже историю с неким Вадимом Демченко из украинской Макеевки (сейчас в «ДНР»), он когда-то активно выступал в интернете в поддержку Мавроди, потом приветствовал российскую агрессию, потом посмотрел что получилось из этой самой «народной республики» и начал уже наоборот, ругать последними словами руководство «ДНР» и России, потом начал нести какую-то уже полную ахинею, потом исчез из интернета. Блог его стёрт, YT-канал уничтожен, социальные сети закрыты или не обновляются с 2015 года.

Вот кто должен ответить за то, что у человека реально крыша поехала?

Ну так возвращаясь к Трампу. Вот пара недавних историй из r/QAnonCasualties :


Everything I thought I knew about my mother went out the window last summer. And she’s ranted about socialism, government, Biden, communism, etc… ever since. I never heard her rant about the pedophilia narratives in governemnt but at this point I don’t know what she believed and what she didn’t.

I know her health was failing, I know she had emphysema and had to use a nebulizer daily and had a steady supply of oxygen tanks that she used constantly.

She’d become very racist towards the end… it was heartbreaking and I wondered if somehow her breathing problems were effecting her brain - the whole family was blown away by her transition. She would rant about socialism and government and it consumed her. She was a musician at heart for her entire life - she always sang and gave us hugs growing up - she valued things like diversity and kindness and loved everyone - she thought being alive and everything that went with it was a miracle. And at the very end she ranted about socialism and the oppression of white people.

I don’t really know how to talk about it, I do know at the very end she was depressed and out of her mind. She killed herself believing there was a secret government cabal shaping America into a socialist nation and now all I do is cry.


My Dad and I were such odd friends. He was far right, I’m far left. He had been into various conspiracy and white supremacist ideologies my whole life. He somehow was not exposed to Q until January of this year.

That’s when things started escalating quickly for him. The idea of widespread child abuse by a cabal too powerful to stop consumed him. Suddenly his brain started making connections that weren’t there.

I saw him Saturday January 16th. He hadn’t been sleeping, he couldn’t focus on anything. He kept muttering profanity under his breath at no one in particular. He’d never been a great sleeper, I chalked it up to stress.

Over the next week, he lived his usual life. He went mountain biking with his girlfriend, played guitar, made plans for the weekend. He called me on Wednesday and asked me to look at Tom Hanks Instagram and tell him what I saw. I told him I didn’t see anything. He said “it’s just weird.” He told his girlfriend “I know things I wish I didn’t know.”

On Friday the 22nd, he committed suicide. The only clue he left was a note that said “I fucking warned you about these people.”

Давайте не забывать и об этих жертвах трампизма.

See copy at dreamwidth for more comments; currently it has comment count unavailable.
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