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Письмо в ООН

Семь знаменитых писателей мирового масштаба, среди которых – двое израильтян, отличающихся крайне левыми взглядами, (Амос Оз и Давид Гроссман) обратились в Совет безопасности ООН с призывом найти решение сирийского кризиса, учитывая жестокость, которую чинит режим президента Башара Асада против демонстрантов и оппозиционеров. Среди писателей-подписантов также: Бернар Анри-Леви, Салман Рушди, Умберто Эко, Орхан Памук.

Текст письма под катом (англ., отсюда)

Dear Ambassadors,

We are calling your attention to the dramatic situation in Syria and to the Security Council’s proposed Resolution regarding Syria.

You are well aware of the situation in Syria which has been submitted to your attention.

Whole cities such as Deraa, Homs, Lattaquié, Kamchli, Banyas, whose names have become familiar to us all, have been cut off from the world, deprived of electricity and telephone communications. These cities are patrolled by tanks in the streets and by helicopters in the air, shooting into the crowds, sniper fire from the roof-tops striking the people below, militia bursting into homes one by one and abducting men between the ages of 15 and 80.

You must surely know the names of these prisons where they are herded : Tadmor (Palmyre) ; Palestine, Adra, Douma (Damascus) ; Sied Naya : the Hades of Syria. You must surely know of the tortures these thousands of men endure. You are most certainly aware and appalled, as we are all, of how students, democrats, ordinary citizens are treated, throughout the country, people who peacefully request a dignity and freedom they have never had at the price of thousands of arrests and hundreds of deaths.

The Syria of the El Assad clan is a dictatorship passed down from father to son for over forty years and who, with total impunity has instilled fear in the very heart of each citizen using barbaric means and overriding each and every humane law. Millions of defenseless citizens were forced into rebellion. This friendly and hospitable people were pushed to their limit and, with their bare hands, knowingly faced a death machine aware of the heavy price they would pay. For the last two months, the demonstrations in Deraa, Homs, Kamchli, Banyas and Lattaquié have ended in massacres by the army, militia and secret service. However, regardless of the terror and with great courage, the protestors, after burying their dead, would begin again the next day. This is admirable. This is monstrous. This happens behind closed doors within sealed borders. Humanitarian organizations and the international press are banished. “Silence, we’re shooting”!

Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors, you of all people are aware of the situation and at this very moment are faced with decisions. In fact, the international community has already begun to act.

Germany, Great Britain, France and Portugal have proposed a Resolution condemning this repression and which should be submitted to the Security Council of the United Nations of which your fifteen nations are current members.

The outcome of this Resolution is in your hands. It qualifies the repression in Syria as a Crime against Humanity. It does not propose sanctions against Syria nor military intervention. It is limited to condemning the repression and clearing the path for investigations into the Crimes Against Humanity. However limited, this Resolution is necessary.

Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors, for the battered people of Syria and their peaceful fight for freedom, it is essential that you adopt this Resolution.

With current unanimous international pressure and support by the Security Council, the Syrian government could eventually cease the massacres it inflicts upon its people daily throughout the country and with total impunity.

International public opinion, above and beyond its diversity, would finally be heard sending a message throughout the world affording immense comfort to the Syrian people and confirming the moral influence of the Security Council and each of its member states all becoming advocates of a universal conscience!

We strongly hope that this proposed Resolution be submitted for review and vote by the Security Council. It must imperatively obtain in advance the greatest amount of support by you, Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of the Security Council. It would be tragic and morally unacceptable if, because of the threat of an eventual veto or the occasional abstention here or there, this proposed Resolution not be reviewed by your conscience only to finish in the bin of abandonment.

Most sincerely,


Peter Wittig (Germany)
Hardeep Singh Puri (India)
Colombie : Nestor Osorio (Colombia)
Jose Filipe Moraes Cabral (Portugal)
Baso Sangpu (South Africa)
Ivan Barbalic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti (Brazil)
Denis Dangue Rewaka (Gabon)
Nawaf Salam (Lebanon)
Joy Ogwu (Nigeria)
Baodong Li (China)
Susan Rice (United States of America)
Gérard Araud (France)
Mark Lyall Grant (Great Britain)
Vitaly Churkin (Russia)

(Copy to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations)


Umberto Eco
David Grossman
Bernard-Henri Lévy
Amos Oz
Orhan Pamuk
Salman Rushdie
Wole Soyinka

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