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The midterm elections in the US Congress finished very suddenly.

У секты ново-МММ-щиков есть англоязычный сайт http://mmmglobal.org/ , куда админы время от времени копипастят в случайном порядке разные мировые новости из мира финансов (разумеется, без какого-либо упоминания источника), видимо, чтобы продемонстрировать что сайт "живой".

Иногда, однако, админ(ы) решают блеснуть образованием и наваять нетленку своими скромными силами.

Все тонкие ценители языка Шекспира приглашаются насладиться результатом:

The midterm elections in the US Congress finished very suddenly. The data are not calculated completely, but hardly the final result will be radically different from the previous. The Democratic Party suffered a decisive defeat, losing the control in the Senate and, at the same time, many seats in the House of Representatives.

First time during the eight years the Congress will be under the leadership of the Republican Party, which could not just “sit on the throne”, receiving necessary six votes, but to exceed their own expectations, getting seven votes. Because of the fact that in recent years people’s trust decreases, the Democratic Party managed to lose even in those states, where often have a great support. The win of the Republican Party had very positive reaction of the American financial market.

Ever since 1945, in the days, when Congress was controlled by the Republican Party, the stock markets often showed the active capitalization increase. Probably, a new victory promises the beginning of new confident steps in the economy. However, most financial experts propose not to jump at conclusions. To win elections is not enough, the main thing – is to gain a reputation of true leaders in the Senate. And it’s much more difficult.

The party representatives also claim that they will implement all the ideas from their point of view. Their political vision consists in conservative principles, and they promise to do everything to improve the quality of life of Americans. But some promises are not enough, it is necessary to confirm by deed, not by word.
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