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Сегодня, 6 марта, Bureau of Economic Analysis (Department of Commerce) наконец-то с опозданием (вызванным январским shutdown’ом) подвёл итог за декабрь 2018 года, тем самым сделав доступными и данные по 2018 году в целом. Таким образом сегодня, в 775-й день пребывания Трамп в Белом Доме (даже не верится), уместно подвести итоги борьбы Трампа с торговым дефицитом, о котором он так любит рассуждать.

Итоги эти… так себе.

Помесячный график за 2017-2018, комментарии излишни:

Месячный дефицит

Источник: https://www.bea.gov/data/intl-trade-investment/international-trade-goods-and-services

Годовой дефицит за последние 10 лет: $502 млрд в 2016, $552 млрд в 2017, $621 млрд в 2018 (на картине показано $610)

Годовой дефицит

Источник: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-05/trump-set-to-become-100-billion-man-as-u-s-trade-gap-surges

Трампа даже как-то немного жалко. Кажется, еще не было в истории руководителя, способного в такой степени провалить все свои предвыборные обещания.

Понятно, что для трампистов слоган «Трамп выполняет обещания» это предмет веры, никак не зависящий от фактов.

Но всё-таки?

Washington Post: Trump promised to shrink the trade deficit. Instead it exploded

CNN: Trump promised to win on trade, but instead faces a record-high deficit

MarketWatch: Trade deficit soars to 10-year high in 2018, foiling Trump White House effort to rein it in

NY Times: Trade Deficit Soars to Record Level

Bloomberg: Tariff-Man Trump to Preside Over $100 Billion Jump in Trade Gap

Fox Business: US trade deficit jumps to 10-year high in 2018

WP сообщает детали:

The Commerce Department said Wednesday that – despite more than two years of President Trump’s “America First” policies – the United States last year posted a $891.2 billion merchandise trade deficit, the largest in the nation’s 243-year history.

The trade gap with China also hit a record $419 billion, underscoring the stakes for the president’s bid to reach a deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping as soon as this month.

The department’s final 2018 trade report, which was delayed by the government shutdown, showed that the U.S. bought far more in foreign goods than it sold to customers in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. The goods shortfall topped the 2006 record of $838.3 billion, set as the housing bubble was peaking, and marked the third consecutive year of rising deficits.

A broader measure of the nation’s trade performance, which includes the services sector, showed a narrower, but still large $621 billion deficit. That reflected a deterioration of more than $100 billion from the figure that Trump inherited from President Barack Obama.

It has been evident for months that the president was failing to shrink a trade gap that he calls “unsustainable” and that he says represents a massive transfer of wealth from Americans to foreigners. Over the past year, even as he imposed tariffs on foreign-made solar panels, washing machines, steel, aluminum and assorted goods from China, imports roared ahead of exports.

Ну и конечно ожидаемое:

That study also found that workers in Republican-leaning counties, especially in farm states, suffered the greatest losses from tariffs that U.S. trading partners imposed in retaliation for the president’s actions.


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