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The Palestinian American Congress

На один из моих многочисленных старых e-mail адресов, на которые обычно сыпется только спам, начали почему-то приходить рассылки от некоей организации под названием "The Palestinian American Congress" . Рассылки довольно любопытные, ибо выпукло очерчивают масштаб и размах происходящей в Америке (и не только) анти-израильской деятельности и пропаганды

Вот полный текст последней рассылки:

The Palestinian American Congress http://www.pac-national.org
PAC Newsletter Week of 10/23/06

World silent as fascists join Israel government, By Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 24 October 2006. In a frightening but long expected move, Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has brought the Yisrael Beitenu party into his coalition government. The party's leader, Avigdor Lieberman, is to be vice prime minister and, as "Minister for Strategic Threats," a key member of Israel's "security cabinet" in charge of the Iran portfolio. Yisrael Beitenu is a dangerous extremist party with fascist tendencies that has openly advocated the "transfer" of Palestinians, including the transfer of Arab towns within Israel to a Bantustan-like future Palestinian entity.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign against Israeli Apartheid Moves Forward, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, October 9, 2006 (Toronto, October 9, 2006) – Over 600 people attended the landmark conference, Boycotting Israeli Apartheid: The Struggle Continues, held from 6-8 October in Toronto, Canada. The conference represents a watershed moment in the Palestinian solidarity movement, with leading anti-apartheid activists from Palestine, South Africa, Canada and England addressing the way forward in the global campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions. 

U of M-Dearborn student government demands divestment from Israel, The Arab-American News, October 2006. Dearborn Student Government (www.umdsg.com) adopted General Assembly Resolution 2006-001 at its September 26th General Assembly meeting. The Resolution is in response to the growing call to demand that the University Of Michigan administration "cease all investment in companies that financially benefit from the actions of the Israeli military in illegally occupied territories."

Plans for the Olive Harvest Campaign 2006 by the International Solidarity Movement

Wheels of Justice bus tour bringing eyewitness accounts to occupations of Iraq and Palestine. Updated website and call for YOUR support: 

Even Palestinian-Americans are being turned back at the border By Amira Hass Haaretz 18 October 2006 "I have no complaints against Israel," said S. "It's an occupying nation. My complaints are directed at the U.S. We are citizens and they [the U.S.] fail to defend us from a discriminatory policy. We wouldn't have these problems - split families and being barred from returning to our homes - if we were Jews." 

Palestine Right to Enter Campaign (action needed to to challenge Israel's policy of denial of entry and denial of residency rights in Palestine)

A new poll commissioned by the Council for the National Interest Foundation shows that a significant number of Americans are wary of the power of the Israel lobby, and believe it is behind the invasion of Iraq and the current belligerent tone of the White House and Congress toward Iran .....The poll suggests that the espionage charges against two employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the publicity given to a new study of the power of the Israel lobby by two mainstream academic professors has had an affect on people's awareness of the lobby...Among ethnic groups, Hispanics (53%) believed that the lobby's role was influential. Among age groups, 50% of those between the ages of 18 and 29 agreed that the Israel lobby had a hand in forming the current pro-war policy. ....Some 1,035 people participated in the poll, which was conducted in every part of the country. For a full presentation of the data, see http://www.cnionline.org/learn/polls/czandlobby/

Israel Lobby Initiates Hispanic Strategy: "Invadimos a Iran"  Grant Smith, Institute for Research: Middle East Policy | 10/4/2006.  The Israel lobby has recently begun strategizing how to influence the Hispanic vote in the United States. Already a $760 billion powerhouse consumer market, the Hispanic share of US voters will reach 8.6% in 2006 according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Hispanics accounted for 50% of the US population between 2000 and 2004 but only 10% of the increase in the total votes cast.[ii] In the event of amnesty or other citizenship initiatives for undocumented immigrants, this segment of voters will become even more significant as population gains translateinto  voting power.

Israel Lobby Congressional Junkets – as Usual. October 20, 2006 By Terry Walz, CNI Staff. PoliticalMoneyLine, a watchdog group that follows money in politics, reported on its website that while congressional travel spending has significantly dropped this election year from levels attained in 2003, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) continues to spend freely on congressional junkets it runs to Israel. The junkets are underwritten by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), which is the 501(c)(3) wing of AIPAC. In the period between July 2005
and July 2006, it spent $583,131 in travel expenses, sponsoring 62 trips to Israel for lawmakers, their relatives, and congressional staff. This was about one-third the entire amount spent on congressional travel that was reported for the whole year.

Zionist lobbyist Jack Abramof's emails show he knew of the attack on Iraq to benefit Israel a year earlier than the actual attack.
This happened through Zionist Wolfowitz who also tipped British officials (Downing Street meeting minutes of March 2002 prove this "Downing Street Memo"
http://www.downingstreetmemo.com/docs/meyermemo.pdf )

Ilan Pappe: Israeli academia deserves to be boycotted, Irish Times, Oct 03, 2006 - Israeli academia is guilty as charged by the Palestinian academics. By not raising their voices in protest, Israeli academics allow the atrocities to continue. Moreover, Israeli academia is providing the moral infrastructure for the occupation and key members of it assist in its daily praxis.

The Palestinian American Congress http://www.pac-national.org
Send Comments to media@pac-national.org

Во всём этом есть несколько странностей. Во-первых, приведённый выше текст как таковой нигде не опубликован (хотя почти все куски из него по отдельности можно найти в Интернете) - обычно организации, занимающиеся подобной пропагандой, не прячут, а наоборот, всячески распространяют свои листовки. Во-вторых, на сайте PAC есть страница со списком почтовых рассылок, но: все упомянутые там рассылки используют механизм Yahoo! Groups, в то время как письма, которые получаю я, проходят с некоего сервера lists.riseup.net. Кроме того, большая часть приведённых рассылок "by referrals only"; опять-таки, с чего вдруг такая секретность?

Кстати, по поводу второго пункта в списке - так называемого "divestment". Про это я кое-что слышал, ибо часть этой деятельности проходит прямо у меня под боком, в городе под названием Somerville, где вынесена на голосование - на ближайших выборах в ноябре - так называемая "divest-from-Israel resolution". См. сайты за и против.

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